Liberator, or tyrant? Only time will tell, but he sure has a lot of gold braid on that jacket.


This image evolved through various stages, with the final version ending up almost nothing like the original concept. It was originally intended as a Reality/Lux project, but with the availability of the Iray renderer in DAZ Studio 4.8, I switched to using that.

Some shaders on the figure's coat were fine-tuned by adding Iray-specific shaders for a (slightly) improved appearance. Depth of field is used to blur the background and make the figure stand out (and also to disguise the fact that although the character looks rather Latin American, the environment in which he stands is actually Asian).

This image contains more postwork than usual. Some parts of the clothing mesh intersected themselves, so I did a little painting work in Photoshop to try to make that less obvious. I also changed the image saturation, color balance and levels to get a result that I liked better than the original render.


08 Nov 2015


DAZ|Studio 4.8
Photoshop CC 2015