The Last Wall of the Castle

Understanding is a virtue hard to come by ...
["The Last Wall of the Castle", Jefferson Airplane]


A gratuitous exercise in female nudity and semi-nudity.

Actually, the starting point of this whole affair was a Bryce 2 image which I made for a project that never got off the ground. The image featured the usual nekkid Poser babe, but there was a good reason for it. Honestly.

The project is still in suspension, but I decided to revive the scene using a Poser 3 figure to see if it made the scene more realistic. I experimented with different figures, costumes, camera angles and lighting, and finally decided that I liked this version best. It's very different indeed from the original image, and gives the impression of the battlements of a castle (hence the title).

The figures are Poser 3 nude females, and were jaybird naked through most of the early renders. After a while, I decided to add a minimum of clothing using texture maps made in Photoshop (with heavy use of KPT 3), as a nod towards decency and a family audience. Unfortunately, by now I was thinking of the palace as some kind of Oriental pavilion of pleasure ("stately pleasure dome" is a trademark of Kubla Khan Industries Inc.), so they ended up dressed in some kind of improbable bikini affair, a swimsuit designer's conception of working clothes for your average Middle Eastern houri (an intermediate render has them dressed in sober black one-piece bathing suits; only the fact that you can't paint a chador stopped me from going full circle on this one).

The most interesting detail of the scene is the amazingly complex 'pavilion', built out of Bryce primitives. The sheer number of objects involved is enough to make Bryce seriously drag when moving or changing anything, so this wasn't the easiest of scenes to work with.

The scenes were lightly post-edited in Photoshop, mainly to suppress the women's irrepressibly perky nipples in the scenes in which they're supposed to be clothed, and to compensate for defects in the texture maps.

What's happening in this scene? You tell me. The girls look like they must be related (I accidentally used the same hairstyle on each - but their faces and figures are actually subtly different, thanks to the intervention of the Shapeshifter morph target and some standard parameter dials). Why are they standing around in their underwear? And what is this place? Your guess is as good as mine ...


03 Mar 1999


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