Run Lola Run

Someone's in a hell of a hurry ...


This scene was originally implemented using Bryce 4 and Poser 4. When I came to include the scene in this gallery, I decided that the Poser 4 figure didn't quite cut it, and decided to re-render it using a newer figure. I used Daz Studio to pose a replacement figure that would have the same general characteristics, but look a little better.

In the process, I also changed the figure's hair color to be more in keeping with the title (the heroine of the film that gives its title to the image has red hair). The image is not intended to represent a scene from Lola rennt: it was just a handy title to give to a picture based around a running figure.

The original background, constructed from Bryce primitives, is the same as in the Bryce 4 version. The lighting, which gives the figure a rather unrealistic look, is also unchanged.


26 Oct 2009


Bryce 6
Daz|Studio 2