Ex nihilo
Alea jacta est.
["Tohuvabohu", KMFDM]


Fans of German industrial band KMFDM will recognize the inspiration for this particular image, which is based on the cover of their album "Tohuvabohu". I wanted to get away from the rather static images I've been making, and create an actual action scene. The "Tohuvabohu" cover image, showing a woman with a katana leaping through the air to attack an armored cop certainly seemed to fit that requirement.

The woman's pose is reasonably close to the one shown on the album cover; the cop follows the original rather less closely, but he's close enough for government work.

The scene was built in DAZ Studio 4, and both figures are DAZ's new Genesis figure, an adaptable figure that can be male, female or monstrous according to your needs. I needed something to make the background a little more interesting, so I added some tower crane bases modeled in Carrara (a feature that doesn't appear on the album cover, but was part of the original artwork submitted by the artist). The scene was rendered using Reality and Lux. I'm not entirely happy with the final result, but I'm still learning how to use Reality.


25 Mar 2012


Daz|Studio 4
Reality 2.1.1
LuxRender 0.9
Carrara 8.5 Pro