Afloat over the jungles of an alien world.


The starting point for this scene was a 3D image by Armin Schieb, which features strange machines drifting against a colorful cloudscape. As an exercise, I set out to try to recreate some of the objects in the scene using Carrara's spline modeler.

As usual, the design and the scene as a whole soon started to go in a different direction. The objects in this scene resemble Schieb's originals to some degree, but they are not precise copies, and the actual scene is very different. Both the foreground object and the 'tower' in the background were created using the spline modeler. The jungle was created using Carrara plants and the surface replicator, and a couple of figures were added to the platform of the nearer 'drifter'.


21 May 2010


Carrara 8 Pro