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The Brennan Monster


Playing around with KPT FraxFlame, this image started to emerge. Most of the various elements are 'flames'. The oil-paint look is enhanced by the use of bright colors and by applying drop shadows and inner bevels to each layer.

There are actually six distinct 'flames' used, four of which are duplicated and mirrored. The main shape of the image was set by a swirl, while the 'grille' of the 'mask' is sinusoidal. The pink swirls in the 'eyes' were also sinusoidal, but a polar transform has been applied. The background and the green-white shape at the top of the image are also made with FraxFlame, but not duplicated.

The title comes from Larry Niven's novel "Protector".


Photoshop 5.0.2
Kai's Power Tools 5