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The Green God


I get my inspiration in the strangest places. This scene actually began as an attempt to reproduce a still frame from Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book", showing the protagonist Mowgli walking along a rocky outcrop in the jungle.

The scene was constructed in Vue8, with the outcrop being made from a terrain. In the final scene, it's less obvious that this is in fact a ridge, raised up above the jungle floor. The scene contains several other terrains, which primarily serve as the base for ecosystems containing jungle trees and other plants.

Vue8 is not very stable when dealing with large numbers of replicated plants, so attempts to render the scene resulted in many crashes. Eventually, I reduced the number of plants to a level that Vue could handle, and started adding figures.

The end of the 'ridge' seemed to call for something to fill it, so I added a seated figure, textured with a custom texture to suggest a statue overgrown with moss. A statue clearly needs someone to look at it, so I then added the obligatory semi-naked female in the foreground. The goal was to give the idea of a sword-and-sorcery explorer who has just hacked her way through the jungle to come upon this ominous statue, sceptre in one hand and skull in the other.


DAZ|Studio 3
Vue 8
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