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That Hellbound Train


This was an entry for a contest on the theme of Fire and Water, which required the use of either or both of Carrara's Fire and Water primitives. It ultimately received an Honorable Mention in the contest.

The image emerged from playing around with the Fire primitive. Placed to overlap with some Terrain primitives, the Fire primitive created the impression of a lake of fire or lava, which -- after a little more experimentation -- led me to decide on an infernal setting for my image.

Because I was short of time, I added some components that I had built for other scenes (such as Future City Morning and Killing Floor) to create the architecture of Hell. The Fire primitive continued to interact nicely with its surroundings, such as the trestles of the 'bridge'.

To make the tower model more unmistakably infernal, I added some skulls. Visible light sources placed in the eyes of the uppermost skull make it appear to glow; application of a different shader gave it some additional detail.

The train is a model by Jack Tomalin. I removed the windows and placed light-sources inside the carriage to give the impression of a lighted interior. The flames rising around the wheels are additional fire objects. As a final touch, I added a demon to contemplate the doomed sinners being rushed Downtown.


Carrara 8.5 Pro
Photoshop CC 2016