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Rock Concert


One of those images that just happened. I began by using KPT Fraxflame in Bryce's terrain editor to see if I could make an interesting terrain (it's the one at back right, not that you can tell). I then started playing around with the First Thaw material to get a suitable material. Trying to take the snow off in the Deep Texture Editor yielded a reddish rocky texture. Gradually, a desert scene started to take shape. The terrains in the background were retextured with the standard Painted Desert material, but the reddish texture I'd created stayed on the ground plane and some of the lower terrains.

The midground of the picture looked empty, so I added a ring of standing stones (an avenue didn't look good). Then I built a cairn out of more rocks in the foreground (for me, I think the cairn is what makes it work; something sharp and detailed in the foreground sets off the hazier background nicely). The standing stones looked a little naked, so I used terrains to build up mounds of dirt around their bases.

And there you have it.


Bryce 4