Bold Deceiver

I first produced my pistol
And I then produced my rapier.
Saying "Stand and deliver,
for you are the bold deceiver."
["Whiskey in the Jar", (traditional)]


This image was made as a contest entry. To my not very great surprise, it failed to win.

The inspiration was the traditional Irish song "Whiskey in the Jar", which recounts the (mis)fortunes of a presumably charismatic rogue, whose poor choice in women leads him to be taken prisoner by the man he has just robbed. This image shows him in happier days.

Incidentally, different versions of the song have different words, so that in some he addresses his victim as 'a bold deceiver', and in others he claims to be himself a or the 'bold deceiver'. In the absence of any definitive ruling, I don't see why we can't have it both ways.

The background consists of Carrara terrains, and surface replicators are used to scatter trees over the hills.


29 Sep 2010


Carrara 8 Pro