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Princess of Sand


This image was another product of my endless noodling with scenes inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This young woman is, however, a little more dressed than your average Barsoomian heroine, so perhaps she belongs to a different fantasy world.

With the flat desert landscape, distant mountains, and the cute nearly-naked girl, it could almost be Burning Man, although the four-ton monster with rows of sharp teeth in the background is perhaps not quite so typical. Perhaps this is some adjacent point in a neighboring parallel universe, where instead of art cars they have giant lizard things.

The giant lizard thing, incidentally, has been retextured. The default skin for the Thunder Drake model is a little too reflective in this very bright scene, so I applied a leather texture to it, which worked very well, toning the model down while giving it that nicely-irregular look found in nature.


DAZ|Studio 4.11
Photoshop CC 2018
Intensify CK 2016