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Princess of Thorns


This image started as an experiment with Tim Payne's Carrara Light Domes set. I added one of the lightdomes, added Victoria 4 and applied a skin material, then rendered, and was blown away by the quality of the results.

The skin of the figure looked so gorgeous that I was tempted to put as much of it as possible on display, but I already have rather too many gratuitously-naked women in my images (not that that's a bad thing, you understand) and besides, she looks a little young, so I decided to cover her up a bit. The final image uses a combination of two clothing models, including the rather ridiculous 'Suranian Priestess' model that I never really expected to be able to use, but which works well here.

The creamy smoothness of the figure's skin called out for a contrast, so I populated the background with a surface replicator object filled with twisted trees from Designfera's Crooked set. Add in a mountain to balance the background a little, and we're done.


Carrara 8.5 Pro