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Starlight Priestess


Another mysterious female figure. This began from an old scene in which I was experimenting with Aeon Soul's discontinued XA801 clothing set. XA801 is intended to be science-fiction, but texturing it with a leather material produced a different effect. I also added a mask, and then applied the same material so that it would appear to be part of the same garment. Using bits and pieces from other clothing sets and changing the materials for each one, I then built up a fairly idiosyncratic outfit.

The column with the lantern in the background is from DM's Moon Circle, an older set. To use it with Iray, I applied the DAZ Uber Iray material (to convert all the materials to Iray) and then applied an emissive light texture to the candle flame. In order to get the correct flame shape, I had to re-apply the candle transparency map from the original set to the Cutout Opacity channel in the Iray shader.


DAZ|Studio 4.9
Photoshop CC 2019