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The Borderlands of Mordor


This is an old image revisited. I took an image that I'd originally made in Bryce 2.1, loaded it into Bryce 4, and tried to see if I could improve it.

The basic elements of the image are the same, but I've changed the sky and atmosphere settings, used new materials on the figure, added some lights to make the figure show up better, and thrown in high-resolution terrains like they were going out of style. The figure is still Poser 1.0 (and it shows), the accessories are still the same ones from the first attempt.

The original scene was produced when I was playing around with Extreme 3D's twist and bend tools, and produced a curving horn shape which suggested something that might go well on a horned helmet. My original intention was to produce a rather Eastern image, but with the addition of a spiked landscape in the background it began to veer heavily towards a Tolkien-esque fantasy scene.

The figure was made in Poser 1.0, but its armour - helmet, breastplate, greaves - and spearblade were all modelled in Extreme 3D and imported into Bryce as DXFs.


Bryce 4
Extreme 3D 2.0
Fractal Design
Photoshop 3