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The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm


This was a test image for the newly-released Mec4D Great Wizards product. I originally posed and rendered the figure in DAZ Studio, but I was dissatisfied with the lighting, so I imported it into Carrara and re-lit it there.

The scene is lit with four point lights. One provides general near-ground lighting, while a second is placed behind the balrog (which is offstage, and not visible in the image), to cast its shadow on the walls. A third light placed below the 'bridge' casts a reddish glow over the scene from underneath. The final light is a small but intense blue-white light with cross-screen and glow effects applied, placed on the wizard's staff.

The Alchemy Chasm model is perhaps a little too modestly-sized to represent the wide-open spaces of Moria, but it provides a nice backdrop to the beleaguered wizard.


DAZ|Studio 4.5
Carrara 8.5 Pro