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Last Stand


This image was an experiment, made for Carrara Monthly Challenge #30 at DAZ 3D. I ended up not submitting the image, but it was a good opportunity to practice the techniques required by the contest, specifically the use of replicators.

The scene uses surface replicators for the grass, and also for the group of spearmen. Most of the spearmen are simply clones of one model, with the replicator used to place them at different angles. The dead men lying in the foreground grass are also cloned using a surface replicator. The arrows were modeled from primitives.

Despite its inclusion in the 'Middle Earth' section of this gallery, it doesn't refer to any specific event in Tolkien's works. I was actually thinking of a real historical event, the last stand of Harald Godwinson's huscarles at Senlac Hill in 1066. However, I'm sure that the long history of Middle Earth included plenty of doomed final stands by various groups of luckless soldiers, so you can imagine it as depicting some such scene if you like, with the orc bowmen circling somewhere just out of sight.


Carrara 8.5 Pro