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It's been years since I read "The Lord of the Rings". But for some reason I found myself talking about it to someone the other day. And then a relative sent me a book of postcards with illustrations inspired by Tolkien's writings. And then while cutting a CD-ROM I happened to come across an unfinished scene of mountains over a misty river.

I have no idea if this looks the way Tolkien's "Pelargir" is supposed to. I can't - and this is embarassing - even remember quite where or what Pelargir was. Dedicated hobbitophiles may feel that it looks more like Mickey Mouse's castle. Nevertheless, I quite like it.

The bulk of the city/castle is made out of the same basic tower shape. It didn't need to be a sophisticated design because it's only seen in the distance and through a fine mist. Because I was lazy, I used Booleans to make the machicolations on the turrets (rather than transparency mapping) and the accumulation of objects makes the scene file larger than it needed to be. So sue me.


Bryce 4