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Ghoul Girl


This image began as an experimental render for a Halloween contest, showing three sinister women conducting a sacrifice. One figure, a dark-haired girl with glowing eyes, worked so well that I decided to give her her own scene.

I had a lot of trouble with this, due to bugs in Carrara, which caused the scene to crash continuously: apparently some piece of content that I added was deeply unacceptable to Carrara, and I had continuous crashes, file corruption and more.

I ended up recreating the scene by manually copying parameters. Fortunately, the new scene seemed to be free of the glitches that plagued the other one, and I was able to complete the render.

The figure uses a standard texture, but the iris of her eyes have been set to glow orange. Lighting is an adaptation of one of the standard Carrara presets. The background objects are from various environments created by Danie and Marforno, while the ground is a simple Carrara terrain.

The female figure was originally intended to be better lit, but an accident in placing the light resulted in this image, which I eventually decided looked better. You can see an alternate render that shows the original lighting.


Carrara 8.5 Pro