a gallery of computer-generated images

White Ape


This image was the product of playing around with the Four Arms product for Genesis. The monster is a blend of DAZ's Genesis Gorilla, and the MS-Lycan character, but with two additional arms. The four-armed ‘white apes’ of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ‘Barsoom’ novels certainly influenced the design, but mostly I was just playing around with Genesis, trying to create an original monster.

Having created it and done an initial scene, I did a test render using Reality and Lux Render, then forgot about it. Some years later, I rediscovered it and decided to try to revive it. Even though the scene wasn’t really ‘finished’, I liked the monster enough to want to add it to my gallery. Unfortunately, the scene file was made with an old version of DAZ Studio and I was no longer able to re-load it. This meant that I couldn't re-pose the figure or add other elements to the scene. However, I still had the Lux Render .lxs file and related files. These were set up to produce a render that was too small for my purposes but luckily Lux Render files are just plain text. Using a text editor, I changed all the parameters and corrected the paths in the materials file before re-rendering.

After rendering, I used Photoshop and the Skylum IntensifyCK plugin to tweak the image, bringing out more detail and shifting the colors. The result is more of a ‘character study’ than a complete image, but I think it works reasonably well.


DAZ|Studio 3
Reality 1.2.5
LuxRender 1.60
Unknown maker
Photoshop CC 2019
Intensify CK 2016