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Barbarian and girl


I decided to have fun and make a classic Frazetta / Boris Vallejo-style image, with a hugely-muscled and undressed barbarian, one or more semi-naked women, and some looming threat. This is the result.

To change up the formula just a tiny bit, I decided to arm the obligatory semi-naked woman, hinting that she might just be able to take care of herself without assistance from Mr. Strong and Insensitive over there. On the other hand, their expressions suggest that they’re both completely outclassed by whatever is looming up in the darkness, so I guess it doesn’t make much difference.

As to what it is that they’ve just seen, I tried to hint at it by scattering a few snakes around. But all the snakes looked a bit absurd, so I eventually removed all but one, which can be seen peacefully napping in the background. Still, whatever’s coming for them is probably snake-related or snake-adjacent.


DAZ|Studio 4.12