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Cave fight


I had a nice female character for this image, but she ended up buried under her armor. The armor, The Legend by Aeon Soul, just fit the general tone of the image so well that the character ended up being redundant.

The monsters are the usual mix-and-match of different Genesis 8 Male figures. The armor is pretty much the complete The Legend set, although I added a loincloth from another Aeon Soul product. The loincloth doesn't actually serve any useful purpose -- quite the opposite, in fact -- but it looks cool.

For some reason that I haven't quite worked out, this scene renders extraordinarily fast. Usually, by the time I’ve thrown a few figures into a scene, the combined demands of geometry and texture maps add up enough that a high-resolution final render will exceed the capacity of the VRAM in my graphics card and Iray will drop to CPU. For some reason, this never happened with this scene, and my 1070Ti could crank out a 3200x2400 render in about 15 minutes (as opposed to the several hours that the CPU takes for comparable scenes). I'm not complaining, just surprised.


DAZ|Studio 4.15
Photoshop CC 2021