Ten Zillion Years B.C.

You're either in with the lizard people or you're not.
["", Tori Amos]


Anne McCaffrey, eat your heart out.

OK, so it's not really a dragon. It's our old friend, the raptor from Poser. It occurred to me that I'd never used it in a scene, so I started fiddling around. The human figure started out as its lunch, then I decided it would be neater to have her sitting astride it. At this point I began the descent into full-on Frank Frazetta-style sword-and-sorcery schlock. I used a texture map to dress the woman in the obligatory skimpy leather bikini, and then added a handful of tattoos just to make her more 'exotic'.

The figure and the dinosaur are both Poser 4 figures, while the woman's spear was modelled - painfully - in Ray Dream Studio. As usual, Ray Dream crashed four times during the process of making a simple model, and Bryce crashed once while writing a file, forcing me to remake much of the scene. Ugh. The background is basic Bryce - three terrains, and a tower made out of primitives. Photoshop was used for minor touching-up on the woman's clothing and joints.

The raptor doesn't look bad from this angle, and the skin texture (a combination of the standard raptor texture map from Poser, and a procedural texture driving the bump channel for that scaly look) even seems to work.

You decide what the story is, and why this woman is riding around on a dinosaur wearing nothing but S&M swimwear.


14 May 2000


Bryce 4
Poser 4
Curious Labs
Photoshop 5.0.2
Ray Dream Studio 5.5