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Going through my hard drives, I discovered an old image based on a scene constructed using Poisen’s Overgrowth models, and DM’s Thorns of Time. I liked the setting, so I loaded it in, removed the Victoria 4 models from the scene and retextured it (the texture references were all broken) using Iray shaders.

I then added a Genesis 8 figure, and applied a stock pose, which made her look rather contemplative. I decided to go with that, and lit the scene to fit the mood. There’s a certain amount of environment light, plus a pointlight and a spotlight to bring up the details.

The image is a little more cheesecake than I care for. I could have avoided that, obviously, by dressing the figure in something a little more practical. But the character I’d chosen more or less by chance has a curvy figure that makes a nice contrast from the skinny supermodels who seem to end up in half my other images, so I decided to accentuate that. Which is why she’s exploring a crypt in her underwear. Besides, there’s a time-honored theme in hobbyist 3D art known as ‘Naked Vicky in a Temple with a Sword’, so you can see this image as just a continuation of that tradition. Even if she has a bow rather than a sword.

Finally, let me point out that the title of the image is potentially ambiguous. Is it ‘entrance’, as in a way in, or is it ‘en-trance’, meaning to hypnotize or put someone in a trance? Or is it both at once? Oooooh ...


DAZ|Studio 4.12