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Fighting Princess


Not so much high fantasy as high camp.

This was a lighting experiment in Carrara that took on a life of its own. It gradually turned into a scene with a skimpily-dressed woman facing off against a hideous monster. I decided that if it was going to be a Frazetta/Vallejo-style fantasy image, at least I'd overturn the usual cliche. Instead of having some huge-thewed barbarian defending a cowering woman against a monster, I'd have the female figure ready to kick ass. The male figure, in contrast, is sprawled unconscious on the floor.

She doesn't look like she's in a great position, but she's obviously unafraid. Apparently she's confident that she can carve the monster up before it lays a claw on her.

The scene consists only of commercial models posed and lit in Carrara. I didn't do any additional modeling or texturing for this scene.


Carrara 7 Pro