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The Giantkiller


This image was created originally as a banner for the fantasy section of this site. It began as a merger of two existing scenes, neither of which seemed to be going anywhere, and then developed from there.

What saves the scene from being 'just another couple of posed figures' is the forest in the background. This was created using Carrara's surface replicator, which allows multiple copies of one or more objects to be randomly distributed across a surface - in this case, a terrain. The forest uses two trees from the standard Carrara tree library, randomly sized and placed on a terrain using the replicator. The 'align to normal' checkbox is turned off, so that the trees grow straight up.

Attempts to render the scene using global illumination crashed Carrara, but in practice global illumination seems to add very little to the appearance of the scene (but does drive render times through the roof), so the scene was simply rendered without it.


Carrara 7 Pro