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DAZ 3D are running a ‘sword and sorcery fantasy contest’, and while I don't have much chance of winning, it seemed like a good excuse to make some fantasy-themed renders. This is one of my entries.

The lighting for the scene is fairly complex. The central figure, the female warrior, is lit by a three-point light rig supplemented by an additional spotlight. The goblin in the doorway is lit by a hidden torch light. Two more spotlights are used to make the other goblins visible.

The goblins themselves are constructed by mixing and matching various Genesis 8 Male monsters in different proportions.

The expressions of the characters were deliberate. The goblins look rather horrified by the appearance of this possibly dangerous character in their tunnels. For her part, she seems slightly amused. It’s not certain that this encounter will necessarily end in lethal violence, as the goblins seem to know that they're outclassed.

The starting point for the image was a pin-up image (NSFW) that I made for a different contest at Unofficial 3D Forums. I don’t make a great many pin-ups, but I quite liked this one, and thought I could re-use the pose and lighting. However, as usual, the image evolved considerably while I worked on it, so the final image is rather different from the original.


DAZ|Studio 4.15
Photoshop CC 2021