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Razor Dance


This scene started life as a test render, to try out the Pro Studio lighting set by Blackhearted. In due course, I added a second figure, and some props, creating this image.

A previous version of these pages contained an image that I had made with early versions of Bryce and Poser. That image, which showed a man and a woman duelling in a mysterious space with a checkered floor, was titled 'Razor Dance', and used the Richard Thompson citation above. Because the models and techniques were very crude, I didn't include the image when I rebuilt the site.

After finishing this test render, I realized that I had recreated some of the same elements as the original image: the man and woman fighting, the dance-like appearance of the duel, even something of the mood and lighting. I therefore decided to post it, although it's not one of my better images, for the sake of filling a gap in the lineup.

You can take this as a metaphor for the battle of the sexes if you wish. Or you can just view it as a piece of rather cheesy fantasy art featuring two gratuitously semi-naked figures.


Poser 8
Smith Micro