a gallery of computer-generated images

The Summoning


This image was the product of playing around with DAZ Studio and the new Genesis figures. The big critter is a combination of half a dozen different Genesis figures, while the woman is dressed in an assortment of mostly non-Genesis clothing.

The combination of the monster's rather annoyed expression and the woman's slightly stunned-looking pose suggested a scenario in which an apprentice sorceress has over-reached herself slightly. The fact that she appears oblivious to the huge monster right behind her suggests that there's something even more intimidating right in front of her.

The woman, incidentally, has two hair models - Mitsu Hair and Gregoria Hair. I was experimenting to see which one worked better, and it turned out that combining the two gave the best look.

The scene was rendered using the UberEnvironment 2 lighting system.


DAZ|Studio 4.5