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The hall of pillars


An exercise in building things out of primitives. This scene began with a column made out of cylinders, cones and spheres. I then added an arch made out of a block carved with a negative Boolean cylinder. The rest of the structure was produced by simply duplicating these items.

The walls were made in the same way. There are actually two types of wall segment, one with an open archway (made with a cylinder set to Boolean negative), the other with a niche (more Booleans) and a lamp.

With so many objects, Bryce really begins to slow down, even when the objects are set to 'Show as box'. Moving or adding objects quickly becomes painful, so I put in the roof, floor, and a human figure to add interest and show scale, and then left it at that. I experimented with various combinations of light and material; this one is, to my mind, the most attractive.

The design, incidentally, was loosely based on the Mezquita at Cordoba, which is one of the most beautiful buildings I know. The real Mezquita has a double layer of arches, the roof is vaulted, and the columns are dark marble, while the side archways are covered by elaborate lattices, creating complex patterns of light, shade and reflection throughout the structure. Evidently the Moorish builders had a very fast PowerMac ...


KPT Bryce 2.1
Fractal Design