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Lost Angkor


I bought a reduced-to-clear Vue object model of Angkor Wat on an impulse. And then I decided that I wanted to try it out.

This image was made by importing the two elements of the Angkor Wat model, applying a texture, and then adding a single terrain with a jungle ecosystem. I tweaked the ecosystem to add more types of trees and get the distribution I wanted, then loaded one of the preset skies, and rendered. The result is perhaps not too unlike the way that Angkor Wat might have looked before restoration.

If I had been more ambitious, I might have rendered it from the front, and added the two barays -- reservoirs -- on either side of the main entrance causeway for some nice reflections of the towers. Still, this has a nice 'lost city' feel to it, so I'm reasonably happy with the result.

The image was post-edited in Photoshop just to increase the contrast.


Vue 2015
e-on Software
Photoshop CC 2015