The Lost City

Shouldn't Tarzan be around here somewhere?


This image began from a material that I had created which gave the impression of a mossy, tiled surface. It is this material that is used for the roadway in the foreground.

To the roadway, I added a bank covered with vegetation - two terrains, one with a greenish, mossy material applied, the other (slightly larger) using a slightly-modified standard foliage texture to give the impression of undergrowth. Standard trees from the Create library (again with darkened foliage) were added to this side of the image.

The tiling/stonework material is also used for the right-hand wall and the steps at the far end. Slightly modified, it is also used on the pyramid behind, which is the standard Mayan pyramid from the Create library.

The pyramid may be Mayan, but the guards in front of it look more African. Seen close to, they also appear to be carrying shields of European design. Still, in a fantasy world, anything is possible.


10 Aug 2000


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