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The old gods


The forest setting for this scene was created with the Ultrascenery system. I added an object from Poisen’s Cliff Demons pack to be the centerpiece of the scene, and then added a female figure to balance it and provide a point of interest.

The ‘cliff demon’ figure is untextured, so I applied a ground shader to it to give the impression of a mossy rock. Overall, this worked very well, but Cliff Demons is a very old product and the modeling is a little crude. This means that some areas of the model -- the ‘teeth’, for example -- are modeled using a small number of rather large polygons. This causes the textures to stretch over those polygons, resulting in a ‘smeared’ look. I cleaned up the worst cases a little bit during post-editing, but if I were more expert and more conscientious, I should probably have edited the mesh itself before rendering, decimating the oversized polygons to create a more detailed model that would take the shader better.

In addition to fixing up part of the idol in Photoshop, I also made some changes to the figure’s skirt. The Tara outfit is quite a complex one and some combination of posing and lighting meant that the rear part didn’t look quite right. I did some crude editing to make it look slightly better.


DAZ|Studio 4.12
Photoshop CC 2020