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The Island of Pines


The terrains in this scene were originally built for use in a different scene. Failing to make progress in that scene, I started playing around with the terrains, painting a river valley through the largest one. The final image then slowly took shape.

There isn't a lot to say about this. The terrains were produced by the usual fiddling around in the Terrain Editor. The trees in the foreground are traditional Bryce 4 trees, as Corel inexplicably forgot to ask me to beta-test Bryce 5 for them, and the final product hasn't yet shipped (but when it does, I'll bet we're going to see a lot fewer deserts and a great many more forests).

Ironic that the scene name of one of the lushest images I've yet produced should be 'Arid', but that's just the way it goes. This began life as a desert, but it didn't stay that way.


Bryce 4