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Otherworld karst


Playing around with Vue ecosystems. Vue is sometimes frustrating to use, but it does forests very well indeed, and I felt an urge to make some forests. The terrain features were the product of playing around in the procedural terrain editor. Once I had something that I liked, I applied the Cold Mountain ecosystem material, and then proceded to play around with that, adding additional trees and tweaking the base texture.

This looks very much like terrestrial karst (limestone) scenery to me, but I couldn’t resist adding a large planet in the background, so I guess it’s some other world.

I originally applied Luminar AI’s Long Exposure preset to the image, which boosted the saturation of the foliage nicely and brought out some more detail in the planet. However, I noticed that it also introduced some ugly artifacts in the sky. I therefore decided to use Photoshop’s Hue/Saturation/Level adjustment layers to make the vegetation look more intense instead. The detail on the planet, however, was lost, so I applied a mask to the Long Exposure layer, restricting its effects to just the planet and making the layer semi-transparent for a more subtle effect. It doesn’t quite match the way I had it before using Long Exposure, but the artifacts are less obvious.


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Photoshop CC 2022
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