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Bleak Aftermath


This image evolved from a test image featuring DAZ's Mei Lin 7 figure. One thing that I like about it is that the figure is not just dressed, but heavily dressed. The 3D marketplace is full of skimpy clothing, particularly for female characters, and while I've rendered my share of hot babes in their underwear, too much repetition gets tedious. I want to try to balance things out by making more images with people dressed in more practical clothing, 'realistic' glimpses of imaginary futures or fantastic pasts.

The figure is dressed in a mixture of clothing, including a heavy parka from Luthbellina's excellent Nomad set. Some minor post-editing using Photoshop was needed to handle poke-through issues that I could probably have avoided if I knew how to use DAZ Studio better. I also had to do some postwork on the pocket of the parka so that the hand and sleeve appear to be fully inside it.

The scene is lit mostly by an HDRI from the Skies of Iradiance set, but there's also a point light close to the ceiling to bring out the figure's face a little more. Some of the clothing and architectural elements have been slightly retextured.

I'm pleased with the end result, which I think has a certain Christian McGrath feel about it, mostly thanks to the gloomy sky in the background.


DAZ|Studio 4.8
Photoshop CC 2016