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Offworld Industrial


Another Vue experiment. This one uses some of the same landforms as in my Excursion and Haze Mesas images, but the foreground is taken up by some imported models by Petipet.

Because Petipet has become a sort of ‘house artist’ for DAZ 3D, and their models are sold at very low prices through DAZ‘s subscription-based Platinum Club, it’s easy to overlook how very good some of Petipet’s recent offerings have been in terms of modeling and texturing. The Ensk Station and Ensk Outpost used here compare well with some much more expensive products in DAZ’s store. They’re so good, in fact, that this image feels almost as if I’m simply passing off another artist’s work as my own. This is always the problem with using pre-made content: to what extent are you making something original, and to what extent are you simply posing someone else’s model, tweaking the lights a bit and then hitting the Render button? It’s a question that applies to most of the work on this site, as I rely heavily on third-party products. In this case though, because the imported models dominate the image so heavily, this one is slanted much more to the “someone else’s work” side of the equation.

I'm not greatly worried, though. The point of the exercise was to try out Vue to see if I could achieve a particular look. It worked.


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