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The Unit


This was originally developed for a planned graphic novel that never even got started (as opposed to getting started and then being abandoned when I discovered how much work was involved). Somewhere, hovering in the back of the dustier recesses of my mind, lurks the concept of the Laboratory for Social Research, the anodyne-sounding cover name for the villains of one of the future histories behind some of my aborted graphic novel projects. This place was supposed to be somewhere buried deep in the bowels of their necessarily sinister headquarters.

The scene was entirely made from Bryce primitives. The water effect is quite pretty, but the combination of lots of lights and a number of transparent and/or reflective surfaces makes this a bear to render.

I'm really stretching for it with the citation, but what can you say about a scene like this one?


Bryce 4
Photoshop 5.0.2