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Alien Mercenary


You know those humanoid aliens they have in "Star Trek" and "Star Wars"? The ones that look basically like people wearing rubber masks, because that's what they are?

Here's my variation on that dishonourable theme. Laughing Boy here began as a regular Poser male, Unfortunately for him, I exported his head and did horrible things to it in Ray Dream Studio, before re-importing it as a morph target. Some magnets to shrink his ears to vanishing point, then export. His attractive complexion was made in Photoshop, using Fraxplorer to create spidery Julia patterns - tattoos? scars? blemishes? Who knows.

His eyes were replaced with spheres, the inner sphere using a variant on a standard Bryce material, the outer sphere being clear glass (which gives a nice transparent/reflective look to it). The device over his right eye is built from primitives, his body armour is simply his chest duplicated and textured, with a few toruses thrown in for good measure.

OK, he looks mean, but I bet he's really a pussycat.


Bryce 4
Photoshop 5.0.2
Ray Dream Studio 5.5
Poser 4
Curious Labs
Kai's Power Tools 5