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The Team


Someone on a forum said some harsh and hurtful things about three-point lighting, so in a moment of curiosity I decided to build a scene using the three-point preset in Carrara. The particular combination of lights in the preset suggested a rather 'modern' look, so I built a kind of glass catwalk, which interacted nicely with the lighting. I also added some additional elements to make the catwalk look as if it was actually part of a larger structure.

A catwalk needs someone to walk on it. Initially, I dropped in an armored soldier, but he looked a little out of place so I moved him off to his own scene and added the requisite hot-babe-with-a-gun, dressed for the occasion in a suitably futuristic outfit. She looked like she needed some support, so I gave her a couple of companions and the Team was born.


Carrara 7 Pro