a gallery of computer-generated images



This image was an experiment in trying to produce 'light beams' in Carrara. The streams or beams of light are created by a spotlight shining down through a grille overhead. A few other lights are scattered around the scene to try to bring out some detail in the foreground figure.

The light beams are visible, but for reasons that I don't understand, the light in the scene isn't very controllable. I wasn't able to increase the intensity or change the color of the light. Because I couldn't brighten the beams, the scene as a whole is rather underlit.

The grille and walls were modeled in Carrara. One version of the scene also included a small monster with gleaming red eyes peering in through the grille. It made for a nice detail, but ultimately I decided that it was too distracting and took it out.


Carrara 7 Pro