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The Spiders from Mars


Another instance of 'repurposing'. The bizarre alien arcology was designed as the backdrop for another image. It didn't work there, but I liked the shape so much that I decided to re-use it. A little fiddling around turned out something that looked more or less like this. I just needed to find something to fill the lower right. Again, a model I'd built for another image came to the rescue: a rather unsuccessful rocket, shrunk down to about a third of its original height and equipped with legs made an excellent ... something. Or in fact, three of them.

Everything here is pure Bryce. The arcology (that's a fancy word for 'one mother-huge building') is composed of simple primitives with a few Boolean operations and some stretching and rotation. The spiders similarly are made from spheres and cylinders. Each spider (I call them spiders even if they only have half the required number of legs) has a light inside it, which can be seen through the windows Booleaned into their upper surfaces.


Bryce 3D