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Jungle overflight


This uses the same basic scene as Otherworld Karst, but from a rather different perspective. The idea of making a top-down view of a spacecraft flying over a landscape was inspired by an image that I had seen by the artist huleeb.

For this scene, I took the mountain scenery of my other image and added a water plane, then tweaked the ecosystem material so that the trees only start appearing about a meter or two above the altitude of the water. This gives a nice ‘tropical islands and coral reefs’ look to it. I also added a couple of cloud planes to the sky, one below the spacecraft, and one above, to soften the look of the landscape and make it appear more realistic.

The spacecraft is an older model from a ‘budget pack’ of spacecraft that used to be available at Renderosity. It was re-textured using Vue materials. An exhaust flare, made using a stretched sphere, is just visible; I did some postwork in Photoshop to clean up the flare and to fade it slightly.

Colors in the render were boosted slightly using Luminar AI’s Long Exposure template.


e-on Software
Photoshop CC 2022
Luminar AI