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Look, ma, it's another cliched science-fiction scene with a giant planet looming over the horizon in total defiance of the Roche Limit, the laws of common sense, and the principles of aesthetics.

Yes, but I like this one. Shut up.

This was another image that began as an attempt to reproduce an image by an SF artist and then went off in its own direction. This is turning out to be a reasonably productive way of coming up with new images: I begin by trying to model one aspect of an existing scene and then just see where the image goes from there. In this case, the original scene featured a giant red sun looming over the horizon, which soon turned into a planet with a rather distinctive fractal surface texture. Add some terrains, and some buildings constructed using the Spline Modeler, and you're done.

The scene was entirely modeled and rendered in Carrara 7, with no imported content.


Carrara 7 Pro