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Pathways into greenness


This began from a material which I created while messing about with the Bryce Materials Lab, a kind of blend of stone and high-tech that fairly cried out to be wrapped around a column.

Never one to deny the legitimate desires of an innocent procedural texture, I did just that. My column design got more sophisticated - you can make nice-looking 'drums' with two toruses and a cylinder - and gradually a temple emerged. With steps.

Initially it was part of an outdoor scene, looking down on a distant river and mountain range, but in due course it turned into another of my science-fiction scenes with the usual assortment of heavily-armed guys and gals.

The figures are Poser 4, and their equipment was mostly made in Ray Dream Studio. This was a long and tedious process, even after I'd found out how to stop Ray Dream crashing (reboot with all extensions off and it becomes almost stable).

The helmets are loosely modelled on one that appears in an image made by Craig Mullins (I think) for the computer game "Marathon" by Bungie Software, and were made by hacking away at a sphere in Ray Dream. The man's armor and glove were carved out of a Poser 4 Lo figure imported to Ray Dream. The handguns were made entirely in Ray Dream out of a mixture of primitives and free form shapes.

Why does the male figure have all the armor and equipment, while his female companion is wearing nothing but a jumpsuit? Men are wimps, I guess. Or possibly I just got bored of working in Ray Dream.


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