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Planet Base


This image is another experiment using Dreamlight's Forsaken World. This time, the included terrain was replaced with a new terrain generated using Infinito. Because I have never really taken the time to learn to use Infinito properly, the generated terrain is one of the typical 'spiky' terrains that it's easy to generate with practically any 3D terrain modeling package. Normally, I hate these, but in this case I felt that it worked well enough, so I decided to leave it.

The base in the foreground was created with the always useful Greeble City Blocks, with some minor retexturing. Its main role is to hide some weaknesses in the terrain model, but it also provides a nice point of focus for the foreground. I also added a spaceship, so that the luckless souls who have to live and work here have some place to go.


DAZ|Studio 4.5
Infinito 1.0
Alessandro Mastronardi