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Skywell Revisited


This is an updated version of Skywell, a very old Bryce 2 image. While working on the website, I came across the original image and decided that I didn't like the way the mountains looked. When Bryce 2 was all that I had and I was fairly uncritical, they looked fine. Two decades on, they didn’t work any more.

So I loaded the old Bryce 2 scene into the latest version of Bryce, Bryce 7.1, this time running under a virtualized Windows 10, because Bryce no longer runs on recent versions of MacOS. The scene crashed a few times -- evidently the conversion process left some odd bits and pieces in the file that Bryce couldn’t cope with. However, after playing around with it for a bit and re-saving a few times, I got something that could be re-rendered.

I increased the resolution of the terrains, and played around with the Terrain Editor for a while until I got something I liked. I also changed the textures slightly, modified the placement of the pyramids, and tweaked the sky a bit. I liked the brooding look of the older image, but the new sky makes for slightly better lighting.

And yes, I realize that the Richard Thompson quote is inappropriate, given that these are Mayan-style step-pyramids, rather than Egyptian pyramids. All I can say to that is ‘Bite me’.


Bryce 7.1 Pro