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Survey Flight


This image was inspired by an illustration accompanying an article in Popular Science about possible "black aircraft" being built by the US military. This particular illustration showed a flying wing aircraft powered by five pusher propellers, which looked like something that would be easy to model in a 3D program.

I made a simple model of the aircraft using Carrara, and then imported it into Bryce to provide a landscape setting. The original landscape was intended to consist of jungled hills, but I wasn't satisfied with the look of the 'jungle'. I changed it to a snowy, misty landscape, which looked more appealingly desolate.

In my first version of the model, the propeller blades were modeled individually. Images based on this model, however, looked unrealistic, so I replaced the blades with simple discs that were then made transparent to convey the idea of rotating blades.


Bryce 7 Pro
Carrara 7 Pro