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End of the Line


This scene started as an experiment, testing a technique for creating cityscapes using surface replicators described by Mark Bremmer. Instead of the simple primitives used in Mark's demonstration video, I used Stonemason's Greeble City Blocks.

Having created a cityscape, I added a sky to the scene, starting with one of Tim Payne's realistic skies and then tweaking it to give it a slightly different look. I also added a GIS Skyway model. After trying out various positions, I set the camera to look directly along the path of the skyway, and used only a single segment, so that it appears to come abruptly to an end.

This suggested a new idea for the scene, which was to have a fugitive cornered by his pursuers at the end of the road. I added a male figure (in a pose that might be either indicating surrender or defiance and then started adding in more and more sinister armored figures, equipped with a variety of weapons. By the time I'd finished, our hero was outnumbered six to one (or possibly five, given that one of the cops is engaged in restraining a woman who might be his girlfriend or just a bystander). It doesn't look like it's going to end well, and there's no place for him to go but down.


Carrara 8 Pro