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Of course, she might not be coming home. She could equally well be leaving. Or just passing by.

I wanted to try modeling a planet and rendering a planet in Carrara. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I went looking for a tutorial, and found this useful guide to making a planet in Carrara. After some experimentation, I produced a reasonably promising planet.

A planet on its own is a little dull. Fortunately, I had a partially-finished scene that included a section of windowed wall, so I decided to merge the two. I retextured the wall slightly, producing a rather gloomy look somewhere between high-tech and steampunk. I then added a little machinery, and a couple of figures.

The planet is actually a rather small sphere not very far 'outside' the window. For some reason, the Aura effect used in the scene goes strange if you make the sphere too large. It's also incredibly slow to render in high resolution. Still, the scene mostly seems to work.


Carrara 8.5 Pro