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This started out as a result of fiddling around with Poser. Experiments with a figure gave a pose that suggested someone standing on a moving walkway, hand out to grip the handrail. I then built the rest of the scene around the figure.

The initial figure was the usual scantily-clad woman, but I have altogether too many images featuring scantily-clad women (people might think I was obsessed or something), so I changed the woman into a man. He looked a little strange just standing there, so I made him some accessories out of Bryce primitives - a strange object that might be a briefcase or a boombox or anything else, and a little gizmo to wear at his belt which looks suspiciously like a pocket calculator, but is actually an esoteric device of awesome complexity that is much too complex for your simple brains to understand. Trust me.

The back of the scene looked rather empty, so the girl came back in. For the sake of decency, she's also put on a pair of jeans. The juxtaposition of the girl disappearing in one direction and the pensive look on the man's face suggests a story.

Minor touch-up was needed to improve the foreground figure (his thigh showed through his pants).


Photoshop 5.0.2
Bryce 4
Poser 4
Curious Labs